At MUPC we offer a wide variety of services to our clients! These include, but are not limited to the following: 

Identifying the Client’s website or web application needs and ideas.

Drafting and designing the website and/or web application, implementing customer feedback along the way.

Delivering a professional website and/or web application that meets the customer’s vision and needs.

Affordable multi-tier subscription plans for web-based hosting and maintenance of a finished website or web application (designed by or given to MUPC) for our client(s) who need web hosting infrastructure needs.

Need a database for keeping track of bulk amounts of information in an efficient and organized way?

Don’t want to host or manage the overhead of doing it yourself?

Don’t know where to start or even how to set a database up?

Let MUPC build, host, and manage your data.

We provide affordable database management solutions where we can assist in creating a new database for our client’s needs, or even migrate the hosting of an existing one.

Beyond the initial setup or transfer, MUPC can assist in managing the data records.

Have an idea for a business project but don’t know where to begin or what hardware or software you will need?

Let MUPC assist with identifying your hardware and/or software needs.

MUPC will consult and work with clients to identify their project hardware or software needs.

MUPC will research and present back to the client recommendations of what the client needs to fulfill their project ideas or objective goals.

MUPC can analyze and assess a client’s current technology system and identify potential improvements or solutions to the client’s technology wants and needs.

Have outdated systems and don’t know where to begin updating or how to go about the updates? Let MUPC examine, provide recommendations, and assist with updating your systems.

Have a system or application that needs migrated to another server and/or application appliance? Don’t know the best procedure or how to go about migrating services?

Let MUPC identify the best route to migrating your data and services. MUPC will provide a plan of action and recommendations on the migration process. MUPC can also assist with the transfer and migration of your data and services.

Have an idea for an application? Don’t know how to program or design an app?

Let MUPC assist with the programming and design of your application needs.

MUPC can also provide recommendations and referrals to other programmers/designers if the client’s project exceeds MUPC’s skill set.

Have a potentially insecure network, unsure if your network is protected, or do you not know how to protect or what to get for your network protection?

Let MUPC help to assess your network and identify potential network security issues.

MUPC will work with the client to research network security solutions, purchase the required hardware and/or software, and set up/configure the solution as needed.

*Disclaimer: MUPC is also a class therefore skill sets will vary on a semester basis. Feel free to contact us with questions.