Our mission is to provide a platform for students to develop on a personal and professional level and ensure that the technical projects we work on add value to the surrounding community.

Company Overview – Our History

Millikin University Performance Consulting (MUPC) is a student-run venture created by students using performance learning. The company was originally founded in the Fall of 2015 by Kameron Wilkins and Taylor Sanders. After the initial idea, the founders (listed below) joined a class that would lay the groundwork for the company in the Spring of 2016. Operations started the following Fall 2016 with the first class of consultants. Our company strives to help our community while helping students gain real-life experience.


RJ Podeschi, Taylor Sanders, Kameron Wilkins, Brock Trader, Taylor Wilson, Court Tulak, Eric Johnson, Hannah Haak, Brandon Kersten, Christy Neumann, Aesha Bunch

Current Consultants

In the order from front to back and left to right:

Rolande Umuhoza, Brianna Barconi, Amanda Noser, Lan Dao

Laura Atkinson, Isabella Voss, Kade Nylen, RJ Podeschi

Shay Buchanan, Sean Miller, Enrique Carrera Dorado, Paul Smith