Erin Bemis, Speaker for Google, giving a presentation on how to "Grow Your Business" with Google.
Erin Bemis, a speaker for Google, gives her presentation "Grow with Google."

“Grow with Google” Presentation

Senior Consultant Mikayla Krieger recently attened a presentation entitled “Grow with Google” put on by the Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce. Erin Bemis, a speaker for Google, gave this presentation to teach individuals how to grow their business by creating Business Profiles and by using tools like Google Analytics and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). After attending this presentation, Krieger saw specific ways in which these Google tools could directly impact a business. Her biggest takeaways were:

1. Your success in marketing is equal to how well you can think like your customers. For example, it is important for businesses with an online presence to think of keywords their customers may use to search for them so they can capitalize on those specific keywords. 

2. Business Profiles and Ad extensions on Google can either help or hurt your business. With a good understanding of how to utilize these tools, they can drastically increase business. However, failing to update your business profile or using ad extensions that don’t fit your business type can lead to wasted time and money. 

3. It’s important to learn how to interact with your customers online. Businesses should figure out what customer interactions should look like according to their business type. This might include replying to comments on social media, creating unique social media campaigns, or actively responding to reviews. 

Using Google for MUPC

While one of our biggest priorities in MUPC is helping our clients, we are always looking for ways to improve our own business. Using the above takeaways from Consultant Krieger, MUPC has created several methods to continue to help us grow. First, we plan on brainstorming common keywords clients may use to seek out a business like ours. Second, we will begin to create and test Google Ad campaigns to help drive traffic to out website. Third, we will set up a Google Business Profile in order to establish a better online presence and gain a better understanding of our customer analytics.  Finally, our consultants will discuss what it means to engage with our customers- whether that’s responding to our famous #FindTheSquirrelFriday comments or creating more regular content to post on our social media profiles. 

3 Tips For Using Google Tools in Your Business

1. When uploading pictures on your website,make sure you use alt text. This helps individuals who are visually impaired and may be using screen readers still get the full experience of your website. It also helps improve your SEO rankings.

2. If you are using social media for your business, follow the 50/30/20 rule. 50% of your posts should be funny or entertaining, 30% of your posts should be related to, but not directly about, your business, and 20% of your posts should be directly about your business (selling products, promotions, new items, etc.). Your customers don’t always want you to be selling to them and will appreciate the mix of content. 

3. Use free online tools like Test My Site, which checks site speed, or Search Console, which reads site performance. Make sure to take advantage of these tools if you have a website!

Check back in a few weeks for our next blog post featuring another one of our client projects!

Senior Consultant, Mikayla Krieger, poses in front of the presentation.
Senior Consultant Mikayla Krieger poses at the presentation!