MUPC displays their goals for the semester on a large whiteboard with notes and post-its.

After a semester of new challenges and new successes, it’s time to wrap things up until the Spring! Last Thursday, the MUPC consultants gave their semester overview presentation to the Advisory Board. After receiving feedback from audience members, as well as taking the time to think about the Fall semester individually, it was time to begin planning for the Spring. MUPC consultants and Faculty Advisory, RJ Podeschi, spent the final class period evaluating what went well this semester and what can be improved in the Spring (as seen in the picture above). Here are three things you can expect for the Spring semester of MUPC:

1. More blog posts and #FTSF

Hopefully you have been keeping up with our blog posts for this semester (If not, you can read the other two below). We have found this is a great way to showcase what happens in this student-run venture. Next semester we plan to create even more blog posts that continue to highlight the unique things we are learning in class, as well as the different client projects we are working on. Along with more blog posts, we are bringing back…*drum roll  please*…#FindTheSquirrelFriday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with #FTSF, each Friday, we hide the MUPC squirrel in a picture and ask YOU to find it! Next semester we might even feature client locations… Stay tuned to find out!

2. New Clients

We’re expanding our services to incoporate a new website development platform- Joomla. This means more opportunities for new clients! We already have several client projects lined up for next semester and are eager to get started. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to see our clients featured on our blog posts and #FTSF posts. As always, if you or someone you know is looking for help with website development, database management, or a variety of other technical projects, just click on the “Contact” tab above and let us know what you’re looking for!

3. Six New Faces

We have recruited six new people to join our team next semester! Our new members include Isabella Voss, Sean Miller, Brandon Kane, Clarence Velasco, Anna Hooker, and Amanda Noser. With majors that range from Accounting to Information Security, each new member has an interest in exploring both the business and technical side of MUPC. We can’t wait to leverage all of their unique skills in order to continue improving this student-run venture!

Now, that’s only three things that you have to look forward to in the Spring, but there will surely be more to come! Check back at the beginning of February for our first #FTSF post of 2020, as well as a new blog post. In the mean time, have a happy and safe holiday season!