The Senior Consultants from front to back: Julia Zmucki, Seth Hansen, Mikayla Krieger, Reiss Naylor, Paul Smith, Gabe Gil, Alex Pratt, Ben Maynard all pose.
From front to back: Julia Zmucki, Seth Hansen, Mikayla Krieger, Reiss Naylor, Paul Smith, Gabe Gil, Alex Pratt, Ben Maynard

Are you wondering who’s behind all of the technology and squirrels of MUPC? If so, you’re in luck! For our first ever blog post, we are going to introduce the consultants of the Fall 2019 class of MUPC. Here they are….

Junior Consultants

Our newest consultant is Reiss Naylor. Reiss is a sophomore, double- majoring in Accounting & Finance. So far, Reiss has mainly been focusing on recruiting for this student-run venture, as well as re-working some of our current business documents. Although this is his first semester in MUPC, we see a bright future for him looking ahead!


Associate Consultants

We currently have four Associate Consultants who have been a part of MUPC for at least one semester. These individuals include: Julia Zmucki, a sophomore Finance major; Paul Smith, a Junior Information Systems major; Ben Maynard, a senior majoring in Mathematics with an emphasis in Data Science; and Gabriel Gil, a senior international student majoring in International Business. Collectively, they have worked on a variety of projects ranging from website development and server management, to software recommendations and financial managament. They all can agree that MUPC is exciting and beneficial because they are completing real-life work that could help them in their future careers. 


Senior Consultants

 Finally, we have our three Senior Consultants. Senior Consultants work closely with the class advisor and help provide leadership to the venture. The three Senior Consultants include: Seth Hansen, a Junior Information Systems major with a minor in Cybersecurity; Mikayla Krieger, a Senior double-majoring in Business Managament and Digital Media Marketing; and Alex Pratt, a Senior Information Systems and Accounding double major. These Senior Consultants have spent multiple semesters in MUPC learning the business, while conducting client meetings, as well as working on website development, marketing, database management, and more. As a Senior Consultant, they have been able to gain a better understanding of what it takes to not only work on a project, but also lead a project for a real client. 

 If you liked this blog post, there’s more where this came from! MUPC is going to be regularly creating blog posts to give you a better understanding of what exacly is happening on the inside of this student-run venture, and how the consultants are becoming better students and better future employees because of it. In the upcoming blog posts, we will be posting about some information we learned from a guest speaker, as well as we might give you a look at some of the client projects we are currently working on. Stay tuned!